Veneto! Yes we "must" see Venice, ride a gondola, drink Amarone and the Pinot Grigio...  Every and each Veneto tours collects - predictably, inevitably - the more expensive city, the more expensive taxi, and the more expensive wine (apart from Pinot Grigio...).  For us, that would be just a start, something to do in three days, or two, and then? whatelse?

There is a lot to see, happily, to enjoy, and to drink in this region that was a whealthy, cosmopolitan and powerful state for a 1000 years, that has one of teh largest and more varied offers of quality wines in the country: delightful historical towns and villas, so many fine wines to die for, beautiful landscapes  from the sea to the hills, from the Garda lake  to the Dolomite’s steep cliffs.  This tour that we submit you, crosses 12 of the Veneto wine districts and visit the more celebrated cities and town:

1) Valdobbiadene, the country of  Prosecco, among other fine wines. Visit Conegliano, and Asolo.

2) Breganze, Colli Berici, and Colli Euganei, three littkle known wine zones near Vicenza, land of merlots, whites,and sparkling wines. Bassano, the center of the best grappa.
3) The Bardolino, Lugana and Garda vineyards, and a special olive oil, on the southern Garda Lake shores.  
4) Last but not least Soave, Valpolicella, and Amarone. The more, classic, celebrated wines of  Veneto are waiting for us near Verona, a beautiful, classy, gourmet city, and a capital of the Italian wine world.    
This tour can take 9 days 8 nights, it starts and ends in Mestre-Venice, lodging is in 3, or 4 different hotels.

Take your time, like in a good wine tasting, no one is pushing us no one makes noise, enjoy the Veneto and its wines at depth, immersed in the landscapes that make them right what they are.


Venice, a city unique on the planet, is not in our program. Not by chance, since many people see it on their own, and ... there are no vineyards there, and our guide can’t drive a gondola...Ok, just kidding.

We will take you there, just let us know. Our guides will walk with you to discover the more charming corners of the fascinating city, visiting in turn its more scenic monuments and spots, and the best cicchetterìe. In these places you can explore all teh Veento wine choices in one spot: order wine by teh glass, try all the tasty choices of cicchetti, little tapas style snacks, with every flavours, cheeses, vegetables, meats of course, and amazing things like the sarde in saòr and the baccalà alla Vicentina.

If you wish to visit one of these regions, each 2-3 hrs drive east and northwest of Veneto, we’ll be happy to take you there, and customize your trip consequently. We suggest a 3 days extension for each area, or to drop part of the Veneto tour above, to stay within a 9 days program.
Both regions offer excellent wine choices. Big whitesof the Collio and Colli Orientali wine zones are the pride of Friuli: Sauvignon, Chardonnays, and much more, here as in nearby Slovenia, since some wine zones can cross the borders.

The northernmost reds, like the gentle Schiava, the unique Gewurtztraminer, are the better known of many Südtirol (or Alto Adige)wines, that we can taste rolling along teh beautiful weinstrasse. With the hearty mountain cuisine, their fabulous breads, and the amazing fruit schnapps, they bring a touch of Austria and Germany flavours in your trip.