Verona Open air Opera night show

The best Opera Lirica, the best Veneto Wines

The “Arena di Verona” is a Roman amphitheatre, original from the imperial age Every summer it stages a great opera festival, that gathers the opera fans from all over Europe, it is definitely the biggest of the many big and small festivals in Italy.

There is more than a reason to join, once in a life at least, the Arena, the shows and the emotions that it can give you.
The Opera, first of all, is a quintessentially Italian art, a signature of the deeper spirit of Italy. Verdi is the more popular of all the composers, and this festival will always propose Verdi, two or three times a week.
The ceremony starts with the classic Verona early dinner, around 6 pm or so. Unheard of in Italy! Where they love to starve you until 8 or 9 p.m.  Yet, in these months, every restaurant in Verona will be there, ready for you.
Walking in and sitting in the Arena! It stands there, same as during the Roman empire, besides few details as electricity and no lions. Just being there is a real ritual of the old western world. Waiting for the darkness to come, and for the show to begin, with thousands of lighters waving is silence all around you, is the first big experience. Gradually, then, the tension surges while the silence is established, and inevitably bursts into passion and emotion, with the first notes of the more famous ouvertures. Everyone, the non connoisseurs too, shall enjoy Aida, Carmen,Traviata, Turandot, il Trovatore...  and will immediately catch those arias that are sung all over the world.
If the festival is the special event of these summer tours, Verona is, as usual, one of the more charming cities in Italy.  Glamourous, elegant and rich of history, it is a city to explore on foot, alternating the sightseeing with casual wine tasting in the enoteche and wine bars of itsmore popular neighborhoods.
The tour starts in the very center of Veneto, in the Vicenza - Bassano - Padova area, tasting the Colli Euganei and Colli Berici wines, and the best of the grappas in Bassano, or taking a daytrip to visit Venice. The second part focuses on Verona. At daytime we  explore the Valpolicella, the Garda Lake, and the Soave wine zones, while two or three evenings - as you like - will be dedicated to the Opera.

July   3-10   Scheduled Operas: Aida, Traviata, Carmen
July 10-17  Scheduled Operas: Aida, Traviata, Carmen


The festival starts on June 24 and ends on August 28. Italianwinetours is always available for a private tour within this period. Contact us for details.

• Colli Berici and Colli Euganei wines, Vicenza

• Bassano, Breganze wines, top grappa distillery

• Visit a Venitian Villas

• Verona, the city, the Amphitheatre, the shows

• Valpolicella, Amarone, Soave wine tastings

• Garda lake, Bardolino and Lugana wines

• Private guide, scout and and interpreter in every moment of your tour

• Private wine tastings 2 per day,

• One meal per day, lunch or dinner in restaurants and trattorìe

• Lodging 7 nights, hotel or villas, with bkf

Not included:

• Airfare

• City tour and boats in Venice

• Opera tickets for the Arena


The Opera tickets are not included, their price ranging from € 30 to € 200.

We leave it to you, which operas to see, and what tickets to get.

Check directly shows and dates, and the seats availability and prices.