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TUSCANY! Tuscany! Our Tours, Where and How


Cities like Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Arezzo, with an unmatchable  heritage of art and fine craftworks, are the classic first reasons why one comes to Tuscany, once in his life at least, just like a Pilgrimage. The magic of the the hilltop towns, of the less travelled roads, of a walk in an unforgettable landscape, as well as discovering less known wines and new wineries, are the best reasons to explore it again, in depth, and with us.  In the Chianti  hills, in the Crete, around Lucca, or along the warmer Mediterranean Etruscan coast, we find vineyards and olive groves, beautiful Medieval towns and hamlets: everything is really there there, as if designed from a project, recalling pictures familiar to our imagination, and conjures to make you feel at home.


The Wines are whites like the Vernaccia and the Ansònica, the Sangioveses ideal all-round wines like a traditional Chianti or a young Chianti Classico. Then, the austere, long-ageing, challenging Riservas, the Vino Nobile, the Brunello, and the worldwide popular, more flattering IGTs (or Supertuscans). With over 35 DOC - appellation wines -Tuscany proposes the perfect glass for each dish, palate and every moment.




• Classics, 7-10 days tours, for a full immersion in

   Tuscany, and a real relax.

• Tuscany and regions nearby for a change. Half  tour in

   Tuscany and half in Umbria, or Liguria, Veneto, Emilia,

   or Piedmont maybe. 8 days minimum.

Women of wine tours.

   A choice of estates run or owned by women winemakers.

Getaways, 3 to 4 days, visit one DOC zone or two.

   Thematic trips, same itineraries, special focus:

Walking tours, moderate or medium, at your choice

   fabulous picnics, wine tasting in the afternoon

Gourmet gastronomic tours, with or without cooking

Daytrips. Chianti, Montalcino, Montepulciano,

   San Gimignano,  Lucca, Bolgheri coast,when available