Based on group size and mileage

€ 480 with 8-7 people, or € 60/day/person

€ 450 with 6-5 people, or € 75/day/person

€ 360 for 3-4 people, or € 90/day/person

€ 300 for 2-1 people, or € 150/day/person

These are our rates for 6 to 8 hrs private driver/guide service, with transfers of one hour from pick-up point to the wine zone area.Example: Florence to Chianti takes 30'-50', Florence to Bolgheri takes close to 2 hrs and will cost more. The wine tasting are not included, based on our guests experiences: most people are happy with one or two wine tastings in a day, allowing time for sightseeing and shopping. A few go for 4 or five in a day, which means no time for sightseeing. Hence, we choose to keep lower rates and to leave wine tastings (you pay the winery), and lunch as separate costs. In this way we keep a low base rate, and you can decide how much to taste and where to eat, of course you can rely on our experience and suggestions. Whoever does not drink, in addition, will pay the same base rate.

What will we the tastings costs?

As an indication the wine tasting  range between € 15 and 20 per person in most wineries. The costs raise in Bolgheri and Montalcino, from € 20 to € 30, star wineries as  Ornellaia or Sassicaia may charge € 50 or more.

Extra mileage, extra charge
We will suggest wine zones reasonably close to where you aratr from. That allows us to keep a good rate and saves you from spending half of the time in the car.

Examples: Florence-Chianti, Florence-San Gimignano, Florence-Lucca, Siena-Montalcino, Siena-Chianti, Pisa-Bolgheri take one our, or less. Instead Lucca-Montalcino, Florence-Bolgheri, can take 2 hrs driving or more. For longer transfers there is an extra mileage costs, to quote case by case.
Which wineries?
In each area  we have a number of favourite wineries. Most of our Daytrips pages show a list of our favourites. When there are special estates in your list, just let us know, and we take you there.
Best Quotes, best itinerary
We are here to suggest the best itinerary and offer our best rate, yet we need to know first:

• How many people can join the tour
• Where can we meet you? City, town or villa where you lodge.

• Where you want to go. If you have no preference, let us give you our best suggestions.

•  When you plan to travel. Which day or week to start with.

Weekend trips off the beaten path
The "best sellers", Chianti, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Lucca, San Gimignano, are quickly reached from Florence, Siena or Pisa. If you have alredy done that, there are other, not that famous wine zones, in  secluded Tuscan corners, and in nearby Umbria and Liguria. These places will certainly charme a more demanding, or curious traveller.
The Maremma, with the Ansonica, Pitigliano and Morellino wines, Etruscan memories,top cuisine, and spa hotels. Halfway between Tuscany and Rome, it makes the best stage travelling to, or from Rome. The fascinating Elba with its Aleatico and other wines.The Valdicornia, a developing wine zone, competing with nearby Bolgheri. Umbria, with the fine wines of Montefalco, Orvieto and the Corbara lake. Liguria, with the Cinqueterre and Levanto wines.  We propose  2-3 days getaways to visit these places comfortably. Please ask us for details.