Classic Piedmont is a 9 days full experience, across five great locations: the Lago Maggiore, the historical Monferrato and the Barbera vineyards, the Asti Moscato valley, a temple of the Spumante, Turin, the fascinating capital, and, of course, the exclusive Langhe hills, home of Barbaresco, Dolcetto, and of the legendary Barolo. The tour unrolls along quiet, welcoming valleys, blanketed by tidy vineyards, where we look for the finest restaurants and the more genuine trattorìe.

We meet not far from Malpensa airport, for a relaxed start, by the Lago Maggiore, which welcomes you with the beautiful views of lake and Alpine peaks, and with its Ghemme wine. Crossing the Vercelli rice paddies, we taste the best risotto, made by the specialists, then reach the historical more classic wine region, the Monferrato. This is a region with the oldest Medieval settlements, dotted by ancient manors, and delightful hamlets. Several noble wineries have been around for centuries, more than one is actually set in the original castle. What we taste are Barberas, Grignolinos, and little known specialties, like the Freisa, the Bonarda, real discoveries that can reveal you what the local taste is like, and the variety of drinking that make Piedmont so special.

Further south, we visit the Moscato Spumante valley, between Asti and Canelli, the endless subterranean cellars, carved deep into the local tufa rock. Of course, you don't want to miss Turin, for a different day of history, and culinary tastings. This was the Savoia royal city without which the big Piedmont wines wouldn’t even be there, the first Italian capital, the automotive capital. Today, Turin can be called the capital of food and of the finest eating. On the way south we may stop at the Martini home, before reaching eventually the Langhe Hills, near Alba.  Our grand finale is dedicate to Barolo, La Morra, Monforte, Dogliani, Serralunga, the villages that boast the most legendary terroirs, where the fine Nebbiolo grape turns into the most elitist wines of all: Barbaresco, and Barolo “king of the wines, wine of the kings”  as it is - in all modesty - referred to.

If you decide to take a few extra days, we propose two different extensions, towards the mountains or the sea. In Valdaosta, to spot the Monte Bianco, and to taste the rare Morgex wines, made at the highest possible altitudes. Or, we will go, at the opposite, in Liguria  to change cuisine and wines, and to taste the whites Vermentino, Pigato and Cinqueterre.


• Lago Maggiore, Arona Isola Bella

• Special risotto lunch by the Vercelli rice paddies

• Monferrato, Vignale, Asti

• Barbera, Freisa Ruché wines, Grappa

• Canelli’s underground Spumante cellars

• Turin: Royal Palace, shopping, chocolate, Eataly tastings

• Cellars of Barolo, Grinzane, Verduno

• Monforte and Dogliani: Barolo and Dolcetto

• Serralunga, La Morra


• Walk or sail the Cinqueterre.  
• Great whites and seafood.
• Valdaosta extreme terroirs, mountain wines and grappa
• Aosta, and the Monte Bianco, cheese and game tastings