Piedmont, “at the mountain's foot”, is embraced by the Alps and the Apennines, has both fertile farmlands, and great wine land on the hills. Good wines are produced from the Lago Maggiore, to the Nizza hills, up to the incredible elevations of Savoia, but the Langhe, and the Monferrato hills remain the spots that a wine lover can’t miss: Barbera, Grignolino, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco and Barolo, just to mention the more famous ones, not withount mentioning the Martini and Cinzano vermouth, world wide famous drinks that come from the Piedmont tradition. Turin, first capital of Italy, is a city of art, history, and, recently, a  food lovers paradise.You discover teh best specialties in  little wine bars, in the classic chocolate shops, at the Eataly market, as in our favourite trattorìe. Traditions, by the way, something to discover and protect... that is what Slow food was born for, and not by chance here in Piedmont: to aknowledge, and preserve the best ingredients, and products against the siege of globalization, of the standard and fake flavours. 

The Alba truffles fair, the Slowfood headquarters in Bra, EatItaly in Turin, Terra Madre, Cheese, and other “tasty” conventions, the historical chocolate makers of Turin, all make Piedmont a sanctuary of much of the best of the Italian cuisine, a must for any demanding food lover.