This daytrip explores the Greve and Pesa Valleys, in the northern Chianti Hills, near Florence, while another daytrip goes to the southern Chianti, near Siena.
We drive by the San Donato, Panzano, and Greve towns, to taste in some of the finest wineries.

ITINERARY, example

Meet in Florence and drive south. On the way we pass by new Antinori cellars, a modern design masterpiece, mostly underground (visit on request). Near San Donato we enjoy our first wine tasting, likely at the 1600 Montecchio winery.  The estate has a private olive oil mill where - in November-December only - you can see the pressing activity, and taste the new, green, spicy, unforgettable olive oil.  Travelling in the Pesa valley, we enjoy views of some Chianti historical landscape, with terraces, a mix of coltures, a lot of woods, old stone homes, castles and Renaissance villas. We can taste a most traditional Chianti, if you wish, in a rare remaining small farmers estate, still run by father and daughter. Next Panzano, former medieval fortress, now commanding only one of the finest and richer terroirs, the so-called “golden bowl”, where we pick our second tasting.

Lunch - at your choice, not included - can be in a quiet country trattorìa, maybe at the famous Cecchini, the Chianti Butcher, great stop for real carnivores, or in another more romantic place.
In the afternoon, down in the Greve valley, you see a Renaissance estate that hosted Monna Lisa and Leonardo, and was a movie setting: Vignamaggio.We visit, if you like, one of the nicer, more scenic Parish Churches of 1200, and then we land in welcoming Greve, with its peculiar, porticoed triangular “square”, and  Giovanni da Verrazzano, proudly standingon his pedestal. This stop is also a great chance for a fine coffee tasting, just for a change, and to collect souvenirs, and Chianti paraphernalia of any kind you can imagine. Third tasting near Greve, then back to Florence.

Our favourite Wineries
Montecchio, Montefili, Uzzano, Vignamaggio, Casaloste, Le Fonti, Montagliari, Rampolla, Fontodi, Panzanello, Cennatoio, Le Filigare, Casa Emma, Montecchio,  Monsanto, Isole e Olena.... and more.  The wines are Chianti Classico, Riserva, IGTs ("supertuscans"), Vin Santo, and in some estates grappa too.


 € 300 for 2-1 people, with comfortable sedan, € 400 with Mercedes
€ 350 for 3 people,
€ 440 with 6-4 people, with van
€ 480 with 8-7 people
These cost base does not include wine tastings or lunch. Have 1, 2, 3 or more tastings at your choice. See the RATES page for details on the wine tastings, the mileage, and and our best, custom made prices.Then, let us know where you are lodging and how many you are, for a customized quote.

Which wineries we go to,  join a group, how many wines, lunch is included, what schedule????
Open Group Tours. NO fixed departure open groups, no fixed big wineries tours, our tours are custom made.
The IWT tours are really customized, not to compare with routine packages. Winetastings: we can suggest 2-3 wineries per day, that allows time for sightseeing, lunch and shopping. If you want less or more tastings, let us know. If you already know which wineries you want, just let us know, otherwise we  pick 3 very good ones, of different size and style.
Each visit can last 1 hr, more in a large estate.

A tasting can include 3 to 6 wines, more in the largeer estates.
Lunch is not included, there is all kind of choices and menus available.
Departure you choose, we suggest departure at 09:00 am and return around 06:00 pm.