Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Pienza and the Crete
The Montepulciano hilltop town, the “Tuscan rolling hills”  of the Crete near Siena, tiny Pienza, the best wineries of the Vino Nobile are the highlights of this daytrip.

DAYTRIP, example
Our tour starts in the Montefollonico village, with a tasting in a real special family winery. Then, we drive to the famous Crete area, and stop to visit Pienza, a miniature city, as proud of its history and art, as of its cheeses. We drive down and up the valley, by a picturesque fortified village, Monticchiello, and reach Montepulciano. We taste in two of the best wineries, probably a modern estate in the countryside and another uptown Montepulciano, with an historical property, an ancient cave-like underground cellar dug below the rich landowners buildings.   
Montepulciano, the town and the wine, identify one of the oldest wine making traditions in Tuscany. The grapes - Sangiovese and Prugnolo gentile mainly - are almost the same as in Chianti, the terroir is different, the wines are more warm, tannic and concentrate, and  their top one, long aged and long ageing one - is a dense “real macho” wine.  The Vino Nobile, in facts, should be the real historical supertuscan: superior to the average, since it was made and selected for the nobles, aged 26 to 38 months minimum, and traditionally Tuscan. Well, the best thing to do is to go there and check, during our tastings.

 Our Favourite Wineries
Nottola, Innocenti, Avignonesi, Contucci, Redi, Crociani, La Talosa, Icario, Gattavecchi, Poliziano.... and more

The DOC wines are: Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile, Vin Santo, IGTs ("supertuscans").

 COST of the DAYTRIP. Variable depending on the number of people, as on the mileage. Please click on Daytrips page for details, or tell us where you are lodging and how many you are, for a customized quote. Open Group Tours. We have no fixed departures and open groups, sorry. COST of WINETASTINGS. For each tasting - not included in our guide service - you can expect to pay  between € 6 and € 20/person.

Which wineries we go to,  how many, how many wines, lunch is included, what schedule????   The IWT tours are really customized, not to compare with routine packages. Winetastings: 2 or 3 wineries is what we suggest, to allow time for sightseeing, lunch and shopping. If you want less or more tastings, let us know. If you already know which wineries you want, just let us know, otherwise we  pick 3 very good ones, of different size and style. Each tasting can take 1 hr, and will include 3 to 6 wines. There will be more wines and longer tours in the bigger estates. Lunch is not included, there is all kind of choices and menus available. Service. Normally our driver is available 9 hrs, usually from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm, or later if you like in summertime.