Lucca and Montecarlo, City, Villas, Wineries  

You visit the beautiful walled city of Lucca, the Montecarlo DOC and the Colline Lucchesi DOC vineyards, one of the celebrated Villas that ornate the Lucca countryside, and its Italian garden, all what makes an the day appealing and various. The red wines are based on the classic Sangiovese Canaiolo formula, but they also include Merlot and others. The whites blend different french grapes, with the classic Trebbiano. We start the day with a tasting, we visit Lucca, then in the afternoon we have one or two winetastings in the Montecarlo area, and in between we visit, if you want, one of the historical villas.


DAYTRIP example

Once that we are in the Lucca plain, we have our first tastings in a beautiful winery of the Colline Lucchesi DOC, not far from Lucca, in the Matraia area. We drive downtown Lucca, and walk around this elegant old city, which has an amazing commercial history, a traditional love for music, the Puccini house in facts is regarded as a national monument, and a special, very intriguing, local cuisine that includes also seafood, unlike most places in Tuscany.  From whenever you reach Lucca, you have to cross a narrow, arched gate, to cross the massive, red brick  city walls that encircle completely the old Lucca. This heritage, reminding why the city was never conquered (by Florence), is a masterpiece of the Renaissance military architecture. We stroll along the  pleasant pedestrian streets, between elegant, not too showy shops, we can visit see one of the artistic churches - S. Michele in Foro, or S. Frediano or the Duomo - and the place thgat with its oval shape marks where the Roman amphitheater was. We can take time to shop, or go directly to lunch. Lunch can be downtown, or in the countryside, maybe in a winery’s restaurant, at your choice.
In the afternoon we have one, or two tastings in the Montecarlo DOC zone, a little known area that, still, has a wine tradition dating back to 1200.  During our itinerary we see the Montecarlo town, we drive by one of the more artistic Villas built by the rich merchants, and if you want we visit it. The Montecarlo wine makers renovated the Tuscan Sangiovese tradition since 1800 already, blending moderately French grapes, way before that that turned almost in a compulsive worldwide trend. The result is a style that is, eventually, gentle, well balanced and definitely local. This area has a particular vocation for white wines, of which you do not find many in Tuscany. They are based on Vermentino, Trebbiano - local grapes - or on Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. The reds are Syrah, Cab and Merlot based.

Our Favourite Wineries
Sardi-Giustiniani, Matraia Colleverde, Fattorìa del Teso, Wandanna, Il Poggio, La Torre, Buonamico, Tenuta Maria Teresa, Fubbiano, Tenuta di Forci. The local DOC wines are: Colline Lucchesi, Montecarlo, reds and whites, Vin Santo and Occhio di Pernice dessert wines.


 € 300 for 2-1 people, with comfortable sedan, € 400 with Mercedes
€ 350 for 3 people,
€ 440 with 6-4 people, with van
€ 480 with 8-7 people
These cost base does not include wine tastings or lunch. Have 1, 2, 3 or more tastings at your choice. See the RATES page for details on the wine tastings, the mileage, and and our best, custom made prices.Then, let us know where you are lodging and how many you are, for a customized quote.


Which wineries we go to,  join a group, how many wines, lunch is included, what schedule????
Open Group Tours. NO fixed departure open groups, no fixed big wineries tours, our tours are custom made.
The IWT tours are really customized, not to compare with routine packages. Winetastings: we can suggest 2-3 wineries per day, that allows time for sightseeing, lunch and shopping. If you want less or more tastings, let us know. If you already know which wineries you want, just let us know, otherwise we  pick 3 very good ones, of different size and style.
Each visit can last 1 hr, more in a large estate.


A tasting can include 3 to 6 wines, more in the largeer estates.
Lunch is not included, there is all kind of choices and menus available.
Departure you choose, we suggest departure at 09:00 am and return around 06:00 pm