A Wine Tour downtown Florence

One hardly finds vineyards betwen the boutiques of Via della Vigna, not many wineries downtown Florence, not on the hills which used to be the countryside of the Florentines. Fiesole, Settignano, Bellosguardo... are sparse with beautiful villas, and farmhouses that no farmer could buy.  Still, Florence is  center of all what matters, and especially of the Carmignano, the Rufina, the Chianti, the Chianti Classico, and the Florence Hills DOC wine zones. It puts up, too, a population of wine fans and lovers of every age, country and taste. They all know the way to their wine bar, enoteca or to vinaio, where good men serve the best of Tuscany’s, and virtually of hundreds of other Italian great wines. We believe that a good way to feel the local lifestyle, enjoy the charme of Florence, and its beauty, can be tasting, along  way, wines that perhaps inspired the men that created them. Check it out, and follow our guide in this exploration.

DAYTRIP, example
The neighborhoods of our tastings are San Frediano, Santo Spirito, Santa Croce. All blessed, it seems, by holiness!  However, since you also want to see Florence’s more famous spots, our tasting tour crosses the city in a way that we see the major historical buildings, and the nicer views. Here is a long sample tour, for good walkers, which of course can be made shorter. I don’t mention all the 10+ wine bars along the way, we’ll pick at which and how many spot to stop, and taste, at your will, no plans.  
Porta Romana suggested meeting place. Piazza del Carmine and its church, where the Masaccio historical frescoes are visible*, tasting at an historical vinaio (once they were affordable workers wine shops, with one red and maybe one white wine). Cross the Arno river, see the more scenic of its waterfronts. Piazza Santa Maria Novella renaissance facade, Palazzo Strozzi classic Renaissance mansion, Via Tornabuoni and its impossible shops. Santo Spirito welcoming square, tasting at the at enoteca La Volpe e l’uva for a detour on non Tuscan special wines. Next stop in lively San Niccolò street, tasting and plkely light lunch here.
At this point the strong walkers can climb - 20-30’ uphill - to Piazzale Michelangelo, where a classic wide angle view of the whole old Florence and hills is waiting for your postcard perfect picture. Or, you can be happier to remain stay at river level, and walk to the S. Croce area, cross its beautiful square, and pay a stop to the shop of Vivoli, dean of the arte del gelato in Florence. Walk across the more famous central streets, by the Piazza della Signoria, quick tasting at the smallest wine shop in town, pass Santa Maria del Fiore, i.e. the Duomo, and reach the San Lorenzo market area. Final top tasting at one of the more popular market wine bars, the Zanobini, or the Casa del Vino. 


There are more enoteche and wine bars that one can possibly visit in one day, we stop when we feel to stop, you taste as much as you feel, the cost are not included in the walking guide service. This is a great chance to sample many different wines.  The old fashioned vinaio usually serves few, affordable local wines, some serve a tasty rustic menu. The enoteca offers a wide choice of wines of different qualities,  not only from Tuscany but from other regions to, an opportunityto travel around teh glasses, and plan your next wine tour... The city tour, with a licensed excursion guide, starts at Porta Romana or at your hotel in case. It usually lasts from 09:00 am, to 06:00 pm, or longer in summertime. A fun alternative is to choose to start at or after lunch, and go ahead until late, including dinner.

PRICES including 4 Wine Tastings

 € 350 for 2-1 people, € 400 for 3 people, ..... € 700 with 8 people
This is a tour on foot around Florence, mostly within teh pedestrian area.