Etruscan, or Supertuscans coast? Bolgheri and Valdicornia

Tour to the Bolgheri, Valdicornia, and Montescudaio wine zones, the ideal ones to taste Tuscan Cabs, Merlot, Syrah and all their blends. Bolgheri, in particular, is the town of Sassicaia, and Ornellaia, mythical first supertuscans.  This informal, outdated name, has defined confusely  rich, full bodied wines, with variable blends and ageing, yet mostly sharing three elements: French oak ageing, intense flavours, preferred -  much more abroad than in Italy - to the austere Sangiovese, and high or very high prices.
The more mythical, and expensive  bottles to which the superlative was stuck, come from here, within a few minutes from Bolgheri. Tenuta San Guido above all, home of Sassicaia, Antinori’s Ornellaia, Guado al Tasso, Michele Satta, Grattamacco, Le Macchiole, just to mention the first, more famous ones.  Thirty years later, though, you can find much more  to taste and enjoy in this incredible wine garden.  This is where one really appreciates what the noble French grapes can become when raised near the coast with its salty winds, like in Bordeaux, but in the mild Mediterranean climate, that adds warmth and smoothness, growing on Tuscan soils, made with the passion and care of dedicated producers, with the art of the best, and more innovative winemakers. You will easily realize why the once marginal Etruscan Coast, has triggered the Renaissance of the Tuscan wines, and how it turned into one of the more exclusive, almost snob wine destinations ever.

ITINERARY, example
We start in the Baratti area - Valdicornia DOC wine zone - in a winery which is really near the beautiful Baratti bay, and the Etruscan necropolis. Then we head to Suvereto,  a medieval village with a special charme. We can visit a special, small estate, or Petra, if you prefer, a large winery and a masterpiece of Italian cellars design. The afternoon is for the heart of the Bolgheri DOC: we follow a mythical road to Bolgheri, crossing the most valuable terroirs, and tasting in one of the fancier wineries. We end in the Bolgheri village itself, for a coffee, or for a last tasting in one of its classy wine bars, where you can practically  taste any wine made in the area.
During this day - even better if you take two days - we visit  be large or small wineries, with or without noble crests over their gates, but  all constantly proposing the finest quality. You will see an amazing, little, and warm region, meeting when possible the people who do grow the vines, and make the wines, in order to feel the essence of these wines, with the feel of their terroir and history. 
If, instead, your target are the star wines only, the more famous of the supertuscans, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Ca’Marcanda, Le Macchiole for example, just let us know and we’ll bokk these estates in particular. They need early booking, please let us know in advance, and ask for a quote. 

Our favourite wineries: Argentera, Michele Satta, Tua Rita, Grattamacco, Petra, Sorbaiano, La Regola, Cajarossa, Ornellaia, Jacopo Banti, Gualdo del Re, La Regola, Guado al Melo, Meletti-Cavallari, Sapaio, Poggiorosso.

The wines are Bolgheri, Valdicornia, Montescudaio, Superiore and Riserva, made with  diverse blends of Cabernets, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, and other less common grapes. In many estates you can taste Vermentino, a typical white from the Thyrrenian coast, in Tuscany as well as in Liguria and Sardinia.

COST of the DAYTRIP. Variable from € 60 to €150 per person, depending on the group size. Please click on Daytrips page for details. Even better
, to get a customized quote, tell us where we will pick you up, and how many you are. We suggest to take this particular tour starting from Pisa, or  Volterra, or Livorno if you come by boat. If you plan to reach Bolgheri from Florence, or Siena, please expect not less than 4 hrs driving during the day.  Open Group Tours: we have NO fixed departures, or open groups, our tours are custom made.

COST of WINETASTINGS. Each tasting - not included in our guide service - can range between € 10 and € 20/person, or more. Tastings in the star wineries may range from € 50 to € 80 or € 100 per persons.

Which wineries we go to, how many, how many wines, lunch is included, what schedule????
Wrong questions, since the IWT tours are customized, not to compare with other routine packages. Winetastings: we suggest 2-3 wineries per day, which allows time for lunch,  sightseeing, or shopping. Yet, you decide for more or less tastings, just let us know. NB If you have your favourite wineries names in mind, just let us know and we'll plan consequently. Otherwise we  pick 3 very good ones, of different size and style.
Each visit can last 1 hr, more in a large estate.  How many wines: each tasting can include 3 to 6 wines, occasionally more in very bug estates.  Lunch is not included, there is all kind of choices and menus available. Departure is usually at 09:00 am and return around 07:00 pm, possibly with changes in summertime.